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Level 3 Diploma in Gas Utilisation

This is a City & Guilds qualification which has designed for all entrants as well as experienced engineers within the gas industry to provide them with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary for a construction /engineering career within the gas industry.

These diplomas have been designed for the Gas Installation Industry. Completion of any pathways 6014-55 will enable learners to apply for Gas Safe registration and work in the UK, Isle of Man and Guernsey.

The pathway we are delivering is a Level 3 Diploma in Gas Utilisation: (6014-55) giving you Maintenance of Central Heating Boilers.

This is a licence to practice and will enable you to join the Gas Safe register.

You will be qualified to apply for Gas Safe accreditation in: Core Gas Safety (CCN1), Meters (MET1), Maintenance of Central heating Boilers (CENWAT1)

Course Details

  • All entrants as well as experience engineers within the gas industry
  • And for those undertaking an apprenticeship or employed in the industry, offering installation and/or maintenance on a range of appliances.

You will learn in the classroom and workshops with realistic situations and appliances, and should have access to on the job working environment.

A proportion of the course will require you to study at home using your viper book, as well as using our online Virtual learning environment which is accessible 7 days a week for 12 hours a day and complete a range of assignments which will count towards the course outcomes.

  • 201 Tightness test, purge, commission and decommission gas pipework up to 35mm (1 ¼) diameter in small natural gas installations
  • 207 Delivery of effective customer service
  • 218 Understand the principles and operation of Government energy efficiency incentives
  • 219 Understand the use on energy efficiency measures on existing buildings
  • 220 Understand insulations and building treatment methods
  • 221 Understand air quality and ventilation requirements for buildings
  • 301 Understanding health & safety in gas utilisation.
  • 302 Understanding scientific principles in gas utilisation.
  • 303 Understanding combustion and properties of gas
  • 304 Understanding building, Services and structures.
  • 305 Understanding gas safety.
  • 308 Specific core installation & maintenance.
  • 311 Install domestic gas water heaters and wet central heating appliances
  • 313 Install, commission and de-commission gas pipework up to 35mm (1 ¼ ) diameter in domestic and small commercial premises
  • 322 Water Compulsory core unit
  • 328 Water Supply ‘Water Fittings’ Regulations and water byelaws in the uk
  • 329 The installation, commission and safety aspects of the hot water systems for domestic use in accordance with UK building regulations

You will be assessed in several ways – including multi-choice knowledge questions, Gas Safety Realistic work environment practical, a training portfolio of evidence, Multi choice exams, assignment/s and on site observation.

For the onsite portfolio, you need to have access to work (paid or unpaid) alongside a Gas Safe Registered Engineer for the duration of this course to provide you with onsite evidence and experience which will be validated by your assessor.

You will also be visited by your assessor onsite while carrying out various work activities on site, you will need to collect as much evidence as possible in the form of photographs and witness statements which will be added to your portfolio.

Your trainer will provide guidance on evidence requirements. (We have portfolio building days) Should you require assistance with the onsite work placement please let us know.

This qualification can help you to progress in a wide range of domestic gas engineering roles including:

  • Gas Emergency First Call Operative
  • Gas Installation Engineer
  • Heating Engineer
  • Gas Maintenance Engineer
  • Gas Service Technician

The courses will run two days a week for 10 months for advanced learning loan candidates and one day a week for 15 months for apprentices.

Please contact the office for the next available dates or to get some more information contact us here.


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What do I need to start?

For the advance loan:

  • Attend an information day to receive all information about the course as well as completing an initial assessment in Maths and English. All learners are required to be competent at least at level 1 in English and Maths.
  • A personal one to one interview to establish there are no barriers to learning.
  • Meet all criteria for signing up for funding loan.


  • Apprentices should be working and employed in the industry with gas registered engineers, hold a level 1 in Maths, English and IT or Level 2 to be exempt.
  • Have a one to one interview with Apprenticeship manager and employer.

The framework for apprenticeships is as follows:

  • Level 3 Diploma in Gas Utilisation: (6014-03).
  • Level 2 Maths.
  • Level 2 English.
  • Level 2 ITC.
  • PLTS Personal learning and thinking skills.
  • ERR Employers rights and responsibilities.